Werther's Original Caramel Shop

Explore the delights at the Werther’s Caramel Shop touring UK shopping centres now. The traditional style shop revives a nostalgic experience with distinctive sounds, sights and taste to evoke the happiest childhood memories.

Twinkling glass jars, the clatter of old weighing scales, rustling of paper bags and the ultimate melt-in the mouth taste of caramel sweets will guarantee a trip down memory lane. Also be amazed by the unique pick ‘n’ mix copper helter-skelter that enchants all visitors. Just pull the cord and release a wide range of Werther’s caramels down the chute, choose from your favourite or try them all.

Visit the Werther’s Caramel Shop - an experience not to be missed!

Shop Teaser

Visit us at the Peterborough Queensgate Shopping Centre (15th - 28th April 2016) or at the Leicester Highcross Shopping Centre (3rd - 16th May 2016).